Moderate Republicans are right-of-center voters in the political spectrum. They are generally considered progressive on the social issues, conservative on the fiscal issues, and typically prioritize fiscal demands over social agenda. Moderate Republicans proudly embrace the tradition of an inclusive party, but seek to reinstate mainstream Republican viewpoints within the elective body and party leadership.

Fiscal issues:

Moderate Republicans believe "the government that governs best... governs least." [Thomas Jefferson]. They consider the federal debt (approximately $20 trillion) dangerously high and evidence of the incompetency in Washington. They want reform and officials who can get it done.

Moderate Republicans believe that new methods of generating efficiency and cost control are needed in reforming all government agencies.

They believe that the principles of capitalism and freedom of enterprise have produced the strongest and most innovative economy in the world. They disapprove of a system that increasingly taxes work to subsidize non-work. For Moderate Republicans, this issue is exclusively a matter of how best to make America the most vibrant, productive, and competitive country in the world, now and for the future.

Social issues:

Moderate Republicans prioritize fiscal demands over social issues. They want responsible spending and a vibrant economy first. They believe those priorities are more consistent with the proper role of government. They despise petty politics, shallow campaign techniques, and the manner in which the social issues have come to impede productive governance.

Moderate Republicans are sometimes called 'Moder(n)ate Republicans.' They often support gay rights, a woman's right to choose, climate change initiatives, and abolition of the death penalty. They reject the intolerance of the far-right and lament the interference that focus on social issues has played in advancing fiscal priorities. They do not want divine creation taught in schools, or to change the national anthem because it does not specifically mention the word God. They are generally strong advocates of the right-to-privacy and skeptical of government abuse. They stand firm on these principles and are not afraid to voice them. These voices are the future of the Republican Party.


Moderate Republicans are very patriotic and embrace the ideals of personal responsibility and individualism on which our country was built. They are optimistic about the future and determined to preserve the role of the United States as leader in the promotion of free and democratic societies.


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