Our Mission:

Our mission is to organize, educate, and bring identity to right-of-center voters who believe in constitutional principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility, but not the social agenda of the far-right. We seek to develop deeply informed opinions among our members and help bring those opinions to the polls. We aim to rebalance the Republican Party to better reflect the demographics of mainstream America, and lead a new era of promoting government efficiency, enhancing democracy, and maximizing personal freedom for all.

Implementation: To learn more about how we plan to carry out this mission please review The Cooper-Union Project.

Our Principles:

  • Country first

    The founding fathers warned against the inherent dangers of an overly partisan system. "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution." [John Adams]. The power dynamics currently driving our political system have exceeded the conventional benefits of competing perspectives. Membership in a political party should never displace loyalty to country first and to a set of independently developed principles. The distinction is key and powerful.
  • Truth seeking

    Moderate Republicans champion truth and have the courage to seek and defend it. They do not reject science, or manipulate statistics. They believe that representatives have an obligation to cultivate truth from varying perspectives and inform their constituents accordingly, irrespective of convenience.
  • CRITICAL THINKING, Independent and informed opinions

    Right-of-center voters are not of lazy mind. They do not want to be told what to believe or subscribe to a groupthink mentality. They value independent and objective information that they can use to develop opinions of their own. Information is their currency. 
  • long-term strategic VIEWS

    Short-term election cycles often undermine long-term initiatives. Right-of-center voters recognize long-term needs, and value the strategic planning necessary to build our future.

    Moderate Republicans focus on solutions. They are problem solvers who possess the courage to experiment with new ideas in tangible ways. They recognize that innovative technologies and ideas are necessary to continue America's leading role in the world. 

    Moderate Republicans value argument, but also professionalism and diplomacy. They understand the benefits of fostering cooperation and consensus, starting within their own ranks. They value progress and will accept incremental advancement of their causes through compromise when necessary. 

Our Goals:


    True to our nation's origins, Moderate Republicans are fearful of government overgrowth. They recognize that minimizing government and maximizing personal freedom are two sides of the same coin. They understand the benefits of regulation in creating a fair, uniform, and predictable economic environment; but strive to limit government to the scope of its efficiency. Their campaign against government overgrowth is particular and deliberate.

    Moderate Republicans believe that government operations are inefficient because they are not subject to the same laws of competition that drive efficiency in the private sector. A balanced budget and national debt reduction are critical concerns. Moderate Republicans seek to rewrite the budget process and introduce new mechanisms for promoting efficiency within government operations. 
  • Enhance democracy

    Technology has changed the world. Moderate Republicans embrace technology as a means to enhance government transparency, increase public confidence in government operations, and strengthen public voice in setting policy and passing laws.

Who we are:

For more details on the positions of Moderate Republicans click here.

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